Vento Technology is a third-party independent technical support provider for software, hardware and peripherals. Vento Technology technicians are certified technicians. They no need to hold any certifications from third-parties. We don't have any partnerships with third-parties unless we expressly specified (including but not limited to Microsoft, Apple, HP, Dell, or any other brand). Call us at 844-331-3336


What is online computer support?

Popularly known as remote tech support or virtual computer repair service this is the latest mode of computer repair. Here tech support is delivered via telephone and the Internet. Encrypted software is used to deliver services.

Why I should choose online computer support?

Remote computer support is much better than onsite computer repair. No need to haul your faulty computer to the repair shop. You can avail services even without moving PC from your desk. Services also cost much lower than onsite tech support process.

Why should I go with your company?

We are one-stop-solution for all sorts of computer issues. Regardless of desktop or laptop brands we have been offering troubleshooting support to the PC users at an unbeaten price. We have Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat and CCNA Certified experts. In short, MTSS means 24/7 tech support from experienced technicians at a very affordable cost.

Is you remote computer support safe and secure?

We use encrypted software to deliver service as we give utmost importance to your privacy. All the connections are encrypted here with 128-bit key. For transmitting sensitive information online, we maintain the same level of security.

How much do you charge?

We have three strategically designed tech support plans. All of them have been destined to meet the requirements of the PC users. You can opt for our Quarterly Tech Support Plan for $64.99, Yearly Computer Support Plan for $199.99 and Per Incident Plan for $39.99.

Do you charge to diagnose the problem?

Typically, we don't charge to diagnose problem of your computer (except for certain scenarios). You only need to pay if we start fixing problems of your computer. Before troubleshooting we take your confirmation and give an estimate of time to fix the issue.

How do you accept the payments?

We accept all major debit and credit cards and through PayPal.

Can I pay by Cheque?

No, we don't accept cheque.

How secure will my credit/debit card information be if I pay online or on the phone?

We don't store your credit card information. For online payment ,You don't have to share the Credit Card Info ,you can pay from your end. So, there is no question of information leakage.

Are your technicians qualified and experienced?

To offer you industry-best services we employ Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat, and CISCO Certified experts. They not only boast adequate skill but also have years of experience to troubleshoot the issues instantly.

What are the services you offer?

Our tech support services are wide ranging covering everything from PC security and optimization, Internet set up, virus removal, hardware support to peripheral set up, operating system support, network support and many more. Besides, we also offer tech support to maintain your PC up and running.

Do you provide tech support for Apple Macintosh and Linux PCs?

Yes, we also offer support for Apple MAC and Linux PCs.

Do you provide remote tech support through a dial-up connection?

Yes, we offer. However, the subscriber might need to experience longer online support sessions for the limited connection speed.