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Messenger Services

Vento Technology certified technicians can set-up, install and configure Messenger Service on your PC. Our tech experts will also ensure total protection from various types of spam, virus and other malicious malware.

Messenger Service is a network-based system notification service included in some versions of . This service, although it has a similar name, is not related in any way to the or the Windows Messenger and MSN MessengerWindows Live Messenger instant messaging clients.

MicrosoftWindows Messenger is included with Microsoft Windows XP. Windows Messenger lets you instantly communicate with friends and family all around the world from your computer, using text chat and even voice and video.

Using the Messenger Service in Windows gives you varying results that depend on the command options or interface you use to send messages. The method you use determines whether the message is a local Broadcast or a directed datagram, and to which NetBIOS name the message is to be sent.

Our tech experts can also personalize the settings of your e-mail settings and enable multiple e-mail account configurations.