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Recover Deleted Files

How to recover deleted files?

Have you ever faced a situation where all the important files on your computer were deleted due to any reason and finding no way to recover those files by any means? You lose the file entry in My Computer when a file is deleted. The content of the file still exists at the hard drive of your computer but the Microsoft Windows operating system marks that space available at the hard drive for writing a new file. Files on your computer may delete due to:

  • Data deleted due to use of SHIFT+DELETE key
  • Hard disk drive failure
  • File damage due to corruption at MBR, MFT, NTFS and FAT partition
  • Virus attack on the files
  • Data deleted from Recycle Bin folder
  • Partition Table Corruption
  • Power failure
  • Software

If, physical or logical partition damages occur to the hard disk, FAT and NTFS partition get damaged. Data on these corrupt partitions can be recovered in an easy way by our technical experts.
There are some software available for recovery of files deleted accidently but they might also not work properly as claimed by their vendors.

How Vento Technology can help you for Excel Sheet Recovery?

You can call Vento Technology for online help related to file recovery on your computer. We have expertise in recovery of deleted files on computers running Microsoft windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft windows 2000 operating system.

Vento Technology technical experts can recover deleted files even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin. They can recover the deleted Microsoft Power Point, Excel, Word files. They can also recover photo, Movie, clips, images, Video, songs, Email, database, and all document formats in Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7.

Vento Technology technical experts can guide you about the importance of partitioning of hard drive of your computer. They can make partitions on the hard drive to physically mark off different parts of the hard drive.

Vento Technology can provide you online technical support for recovering all types of deleted files. Our smart and highly talented technical experts can easily recover almost all types of files on your computer. You just have to give a call at our toll free numbers. Our technical experts can perform an online scan on your computer for finding the root cause of the problem. They can fix all kinds of issues. You only need to have a stable connection of adequate bandwidth for getting our online file recovery services.

Why Choose Vento Technology service?

Vento Technology has a team of highly qualified and experienced technical experts capable of providing you Technical Support for 24x7 and 365 days across the globe for almost all kinds of issues related with your Desktop or laptop.

Vento Technology is the leading online technical support provider, call us now at our toll free number and experience our state of the art tech support services. We have a track record of 90% first call resolution.