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Removing Temp & Unwanted Files

Temporary files are created when you download and install software, open files in e-mail and instant-messaging programs, or transfer files. Usually the program that created the temporary files deletes them when it�s finished, but sometimes the files get left behind. This can happen for a number of reasons--the program might have been interrupted before it finished installing, or it crashed during a restart. Temporary files also get created when you�re surfing the Web. Web-browsing programs such as Internet Explorer will keep a cache of Web pages on your hard disk so that when you visit them again, they�ll appear faster.

Over time, these obsolete temporary files (which can be quite large) can take up a lot of hard disk space, accelerating hard disk fragmentation and slowing system performance. It�s safe to delete these files. When you delete these files, you free up valuable hard disk space for other uses. Removing these files once a month is very important.

Our expert technicians perform simple troubleshooting steps to delete Temp & unwanted files for better performance of your computer.