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System Restore

What is System Restore?

Microsoft Windows XP and higher versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, like Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7. It can be used to restore the system files on a computer in case they get damaged due to any reason. System Restore is based on Shadow Copy technology. Restore points are created automatically in Microsoft Windows XP operating system but they can be created manually also if you want to install any specific application.

Advantages of System Restore

The user can also roll back an existing Restore point. Rollback can also be undone. System Restore feature backs up system files of extensions.dll, .exe etc.. Restore points created are not permanent and they are deleted after the time specified in the RP Life Interval registry setting is reached or earlier.  There is a great danger of protecting virus, worm, or Trojan also as Microsoft Windows XP and higher versions of Windows operating system does not allow anti-virus utilities to alter files in the System Restore folder and therefore antivirus programs cannot remove malicious software if present in this folder.

Limitations of System Restore

Microsoft Windows 2000 and previous versions of Microsoft Windows operating system don’t have System Restore feature. Operating systems up to Microsoft Windows XP, the system can be restored as long as Windows boots normally or from safe mode. You may find it difficult to restore the system if Windows is unbootable. At that point of time, you need help from a specialist as only a computer expert can restore system files easily and make your computer in the right condition.

How ComTech can help you for System Restore?

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